Who We Are

Who we are

First and foremost, we’re moms. And like most moms, we maintain titles like personal chef, hair stylist, food tester, teacher, fort engineer, taxi driver, boo-boo kisser and stain removal experts.

We’re also entrepreneurs.

The Soft Skin Company is an idea born out of our own skin experiences. We’ve lived through the tight, uncomfortable skin of our own pregnancies. We’ve cared for the bums of our babies when they were red with rashes, and we’ve survived dry (Colorado) winters that breed eczema and cracked, peeling hands. And no matter how many lotions and oils we applied to all that skin – the body’s largest organ – we remained frustrated when all those perfectly applied potions rubbed off on our clothes. The idea seemed simple. Had no one ever made garments that wouldn’t soak up moisture?

Nope. No one had.

So we did.


Lana Baker

Lana spent her first pregnancy with a belly wrapped in Saran Wrap – seriously. Having witnessed generations of moms in her family bear stretch marks from pregnancy, Lana was committed to keeping her growing belly comfortable and stretch mark free. The daughter of tailors, she committed her second pregnancy to creating a garment set from fabric that would provide the same benefits as the plastic wrap, but in a cute and comfortable way.

The mom of two energetic little boys, Lana is thrilled to have entered the world of entrepreneurship by solving a problem that millions of women struggle with every year.


Julie Aigner-Clark

Having herself dealt with stretch mark concerns as the mommy of two daughters, Julie fell in love with Lana’s idea for The Soft Skin Company. She’d semi-retired after creating The Baby Einstein Company, but jumped in to help fund Lana's dream. Julie speaks internationally on entrepreneurship and is currently creating a new startup company called WeeSchool. She prides herself in being the mom of two awesome daughters, and makes killer chocolate chip cookies.


Our Story (in a nutshell)


Soft Skin Company founder Lana Baker was pregnant with her first baby when she really started thinking about stretch marks. They were on her own mom’s belly, and the bellies of all the mothers in her family. And though she was told that they were scars to be proud of – after all, they were the result of carrying human beings! – she liked her nice, smooth belly. She wanted the baby, without the scars. And so she asked her doctor. And her midwife. And the nurses that she met, and her family dermatologist. “How do I prevent stretch marks?” They all had the same response.

“Moisturize. It’s all you can do. Just keep lots of moisture on your growing belly.”

For weeks, Lana butters her belly with oils she concocts in her kitchen, and then wraps that belly in plastic wrap like a big round sandwich. It’s the only way to keep the oil on. Without the plastic wrap, the yummy moisture soaks into her clothing. She feels more than a little ridiculous. And fairly sweaty.

Fast forward a few years, and stretchmark-free Lana (after two babies) has created and patented a maternity top and shorts set from a unique fabric that won’t absorb oil. She teams up with friend Julie Clark (of Baby Einstein fame) and the Soft Skin Company is born.

Because they’re moms, Lana and Julie care a lot about making the world a healthy and safe place. So the StaySoft fabric is Blue Sign certified, which means it’s totally free of harmful substances and is produced in an environmentally friendly way. The fabric feels good against skin and is nicely breathable. And all of the Soft Skin oils are made from natural substances so safe you could actually eat them (which we don’t recommend).

We really hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do!