Product Reviews

We get it. You want real moms and real reviews. Well, here you go.


“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I don’t have a single stretch mark after a HUGE pregnancy and I attribute it all to the Stretch Softly product. I wore the top and bottom throughout the last six months of my pregnancy and never felt the tightening skin that my friends complained about. Best of all, my tummy looks incredible even after giving birth to a nine-pound baby. I recommend this product highly!” Allie Cuff


“All I can say is that the pain and itching of stretching that frickin big with pregnancy goes away!!!! I would come home after a long day at work and take a bath.  After my bath I put on the belly oil and put the tank & shorts on and wouldn’t want to take them off until I wake up the next day. It helps so much with the itchy uncomfortable feeling that I get during the day.  I sometimes would wear the tank top all day and it felt great.  Not one stretch mark here!!! Oh and I wore the tank for a little while after I had the baby while everything was going back to normal because my doctor said that sometimes women get stretch marks AFTER you have the baby.  So I am a few months post-partum and no stretch marks – woo hoo!” Janetta Zovene


“I love your products! I wish I’d had these products sooner! The belly oil feels great on my skin and I like that there are no added chemicals — just natural ingredients that help protect my skin (and my children’s skin). The tank and shorts make the application on the belly oil last longer, especially during the night. I’m in my third trimester (I carry big babies), have no stretch marks, and the combination of the lotion and the tank and shorts really feel great. Happy to watch my belly grow without seeing my skin with red marks.” – Amber Bullis


“I am pregnant with my second daughter, and I only had a few faded stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I was worried that my current stretch marks might get worse, or that I might get more stretch marks. I wanted to make sure that my skin looked healthy and hydrated, but I never really achieved that until I tried Stretch Softly Signature Oil with the tank and shorts. I have used the products during this pregnancy and it’s so soothing and satisfying for the skin of this pregnant mama. It leaves skin feeling soft but not oily, and I love that it’s unscented. The best thing about these products is that they are 100% natural!” – Natalie Cummings


“I have used Soft Skin Company’s Stretch Softly tank with the Signature Oil throughout my pregnancy. I sleep in the tank, and when I wake up the oil is still on my skin as if I’d been applying it all night. The fit of the tank is very comfortable — stretchy yet supportive. Highly recommended.” – N. Askins


“The Swaddling baby oil is great. After bathing my newborn, I dry her off and oil her up for 5-10 and her skin feels great! What a great product!” Allison Kemp


“My dry hands and feet feel amazing, especially after using the Signature Oil. Thanks!” Lindsay Freeman