Stretch Softly™ Stretch Mark Prevention System

& Stretch Softly™ Signature Oil


Q: How often should I wear my Stretch Softly™ clothing?

A: Well, just about as much as you want. The clothing and oil will make your belly skin feel so darn good, you might never want to take them off. You can wear them to bed or under your clothes. About the only time you shouldn’t wear them is during exercise.

Q: How should my Stretch Softly™ tank/shorts fit?

A: The garments should fit comfortably and not feel too tight. You might need to move up one size later in pregnancy as your belly grows.

Q: How much Stretch Softly™ Signature Oil should I use?

A: Lube up! Apply liberally to all areas prone to stretching, especially after a bath or shower. Then just pop the cute little tank and shorts set over the oil, and it will stay in place until you take them off! We sell the oil separately from the garments on the web site, so if you run out, we’ve got you covered.

Q: What is the Stretch Softly Oil made from?

A: All of our ingredients that we use are 100% all natural. No chemicals, additives or yucky stuff that you find in other brands. You could literally eat it – but we highly discourage it. We don’t believe that you should put anything on your skin that would be anything but safe and natural. We source organically grown ingredients when possible. But as with all products, if irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

Q: I’m extra careful now that I’m pregnant. Is this material safe to wear against my skin?

A: Well, we can tell you that our StaySoft fabric is BlueSign™ certified, which means that it’s safe to wear against your skin and made with absolutely NO HARMFUL SUBSTANCES. There is reduced impact on people and the environment in the manufacturing process. To read more about BlueSign™ standards visit www.bluesign.com


StaySoft™ Swaddling Oil


Q: Is the StaySoft™ Swaddling Oil safe to use on my newborn?

A: Yes, all ingredients in our swaddling oil have been formulated with your baby in mind (actually it was my baby) and only the most pure, simple ingredients are used and sourced organically when possible. This very gentile formula can be used on babies ages 0+. Once again, if any irritation on baby skin occurs, please discontinue use.


StaySoft™ Signature Oil


Q: Can I use my StaySoft™ Signature Oil everyday?

A: Yes, our StaySoft™ Signature Oil is formulated to be used as all all over body moisturizer used daily.  Best used immediately after showering or bathing to lock in moisture.  Use extra oil around dry problem areas such as hands, feet & elbows. Especially good as a facial moisturizer and don’t worry it will not leave you feeling greasy as our formula absorbs quickly and penetrates deep into the layers of skin.